The workshop of Mario Cesari is at Casa Fanchi, strada per Sestino 38, 47864 Pennabilli (RN).
Tel. 0541 928795 - Cell. 0039 3494425740


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Pennabilli, fifty kilometers from Rimini, is a village in the hills of the Mareccchia river valley, surrounded by woods near Monte Carpegna

In Pennabilli there's a very important museum on the history of numbers (museo di storia del calcolo).
Many historical buildings, dating back to roman and medieval times, are to be met during walks.

grasping demoThe environment is uncontaminated, it's a great place for birdwatching, birdlistening and macrophotography.

In nearby San Leo (in whose fortress the famous sorcerer Cagliostro was imprisoned and died) there is a very interesting museum with archaeological findings (many fibulas) from prehistoric through etruscan and celtic times.

Bed and breakfast nearby, good hotel in town.